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June 23, 2018

I am currently expecting my first child. The shop is closed until late summer/early autumn 2018. Please follow me on Instagram for updates. 


Each Bonobo & Bee creation is unique. From design to construction, I create each doll and their accessories. Bonobo & Bee creations are made of quality fabrics, mostly linen and premium cottons. 

As a child, my mind was always adrift in imagination (actually, it still is). My dolls are created with love and imagination. For more information about how I create each doll and the materials I use, please visit the About Me and FAQ sections.  

3% of all proceeds to the conservation/awareness of bonobos (a great ape that resembles a small chimpanzee) and bees! Proceeds will go to The Bonobo Initiative and/or the Xerces Society.  To learn more, please click on the 'conservation' tab at the top of this page.

Follow me on Instagram for a sneak peek on upcoming collections, projects and creations. I also periodically announce sales/ promotions via Instagram.


Love and Imagination,

Talia Rose



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