It all started when...

As a child I was always lost in my imagination. Delving into my imagination helped me in countless ways. It manifested itself in painting, building things, writing fictional stories and poetry. While my mind wandered, I thought of ways to create, construct things and solve problems. I remember being around 10 years old and sketching furniture designs for increased functionality. By the time I was 11 years old I had an entire composition book filled with poems and prose.  My imagination gave me (and continues to give me) a space to cultivate creativity and think abstractly.

My father and grandfather were cobblers. They could make and repair shoes - a lost art. I was in awe at their ability to take a few materials and turn it into something beautiful, something functional. My father also made fantastic things out of wood. My mother was equally ingenious. She always created something out of nothing. My father taught me the fundamentals of machine sewing and my mother taught me to sew by hand.  I honed my sewing techniques and design skills at the Academy of Art, San Francisco where I studied textile design for 2 years.

Additionally, I hold a Bachelors degree from UC Berkeley, with a major in  Political Science- International Relations with an emphasis on the Middle East.

Designing and constructing art and is an extension of my imaginative self,  my 'need' to create tangible things, and a way to promote imagination and creativity.

I currently reside in Sacramento, CA with my spouse and our infant son.


Love & Imagination,

Talia Rose